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Paradox Wars ST #1 Random Original Artwork Give Away #2 & #3!

Last week was great! We hit our funding goal… YES. Also, we reached our first Stretch Goal! Free Print to all Print Rewards! Wednesday I was live on ODD MUSINGS show and had a great time with Brett and Scott. Friday I recorded a show for The POPXP with Nile and Frank shared a lot about my history (owner of Blue Line Pro, Publisher of Sketch Magazine, and and more about the Kickstarter. We also gave away to pieces of Original Artwork on both shows if you want to see what we are randomly inserting check out both shows.

We still have time to reach more Stretch Goals so please help us share this project. Here’s the link:

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Paradox Wars ST #1 We’re FUNDED!

Thank you ALL so much for helping us reach our funding goal. PARADOX WARS SHATTERED TIME #1 will be out because of you. This is so awesome.

Now we get to give away some FREE stuff. I’m posting info about the stretch goals today. The good thing is I announced on the ODD MUSINGS show yesterday our first stretch goals were at $3001. Yes, I just want to show everyone that has stepped up we appreciate it and give away an all-new print by Joel Cotejar and Chris Dreier. Joel and Chris will be working on our next chapter of the Paradox Wars Saga. So this is a great way to show you what to expect from this great artist team. The print will be given to everyone who pledges a print reward that must ship.


Robert W Hickey

Paradox Wars: ST #1 Kickstarter Incredible Start! We are on our way

Wow, we’re on our way to getting this campaign funded, so to everyone who has jumped on board on our first day: You Are Great!   

We have so much we want to share and as we get closer to meeting the funding goal I’ll be sharing our very creative stretch rewards. BUT before we can get to the stretch goals, we need everyone’s help in sharing our project.   

So, please share the link to the Kickstarter! 

Let’s do this!